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Designing for the Sexes with Michael Payne

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Designing for the Sexes with Michael Payne
“One of the most unique furniture stores I have ever visited…what fun!”


design4thesexes design4thesexes Family Room Dungeon
Episode  DSX-512
November 8, 2001
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If You Like A Bargain You Are Going To Love This!

“If you like a bargain, you are going to love this! 
Larry St. John & Co. in the South Bay doesn’t run splashy ad campaigns. 
The sign outside is easy to miss. 
But when you do find this furniture showroom, 
you will also find great deals on quality furniture. 
Fabulous furniture for a deal! 
That’s what Larry St. John & Co. is all about. 
And it’s generally forty to sixty percent less.” Rick Romero 
Bargain Furniture
Larry St. John & Co.
ABC7 Rick Romero



South Bay Living Cover Featured June/July 2005

“Larry St. John & Co. sells custom furniture
of similar style and quality like found at
familiar high-end furniture stores but for less money.
Stop by and see what all of the excitement is about!”

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Best Bargain in Los Angeles Magazine February 2008

“Small Change Big Profits…
The Bargain Hunter’s Guide to the city’s most staggering steals 
on everything from bespoke to bling, hot dogs to hot rods, 
sashimi to scrub downs, plasmas to furniture, 
because you need a break and full price is for suckers!” 
LA Magazine



A Furniture Shangri-La




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A Tropical Adventure

“Meet Johnny, the blue and gold Macaw and some of his friends…
you’ll love what you see, but this is a furniture store!
The store is as unique as the high quality custom furniture.
Larry St. John & Co. can do what the big chain stores can’t do,
custom sizes…change fabrics and stain colors.” Alan Mendelson







 2014 Pasadena Showcase House

Our Custom Furniture Featured in the Powder Room

pasadenashow logo_green  




KTLA 5 Morning News Burrous Bargains

“Fresh from the factory nice and new this is the place for you!” Chris Burrous


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